Ray Stanton — Moderator

Working recently as the SVP/Group CSO at TDC Group Denmark, Ray was accountable to define and deliver the strategy and protection programmes for the company, allowing it to operate in its international capacity and communications, media and key Critical National Infrastructure provider.

Ray has worked in communications, information technology and security for more than 30 years. He was Interim Group CISO at National Grid. Ray has also held roles at Redwood Technologies Group, was Executive Vice President of BT Advise – BTs Systems Integration and Professional Services Unit. Ray remained a security & risk advisor to the board during this role. Prior to that, Ray was Executive Global Head of BT’s Business Continuity, Security and Governance Capability Unit (BCS&G).

An experienced and recognised practitioner, particularly in the use and implementation of standards such as ISO27001 and incident management procedures; Ray remains a security and business advisor to a number of different organisations.