Jscrambler provides enterprise-grade security solutions that secure the client-side of web and hybrid mobile applications.

Jscrambler’s Code Integrity provides the most resilient JavaScript protection solution for Web-based apps today. The client-side technology, which includes polymorphic obfuscation, code locks, and self-defensive capabilities, transforms the source code into a form that is extremely hard to reverse-engineer and prevents any debugging and tampering attempts. By protecting their apps’ JavaScript code with Jscrambler, businesses can incisively prevent intellectual property theft, application abuse, cheating, piracy, and data leakage.

Jscrambler’s Webpage Integrity module provides real-time visibility of client-side attacks, including Magecart web skimmers, web supply chain attacks, and data exfiltration. The Jscrambler dashboard displays precise and actionable detail about each threat to enable an immediate response. Webpage Integrity is a truly agentless solution that can easily be integrated into any SIEM.

All Jscrambler products are fully compliant with all the main tech frameworks and stacks, including HTML5, Node.js, React, Angular, Vue, Meteor, Ember, React Native, Ionic, and NativeScript.

Trusted by the Fortune 500 and thousands of businesses globally.